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Jason Gries is founder and CEO of bitetime and is focused on delivering a variety of restaurant quality cuisines to businesses and organizations for breakfast and lunch.  Watch video here

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Bitetime | Foomanchew catering
February 3, 2017 IN Media
Foomanchew shakes up Chinese food industry

Jason Gries and Price Harding were unhappy with the issues they encountered when trying to order Chinese takeout. Unlike the pizza industry, many Chinese restaurants don’t offer steamlined delivery services, there are sometimes language barriers and some restaurants don’t even have online menus. “Chinese food is loved by many people but many people avoid it […]

Jason Gries, Foomanchew
March 15, 2016 IN Media
The Entrepreneurial Mind

Co-founder and CEO, Jason Gries, talks about creating a sort of 1-800-FLOWERS or Uber for Chinese food. With a large, fragmented, and undeserved market, Foomanchew brings high quality Chinese food into the digital world. Watch video here.

Bitetime | Foomanchew Catering at Moxie
February 16, 2016 IN Food
Components of Top-Notch Catering Service

Catering is an easy way to take your event from so-so to outstanding. So why are people hesitant to use these convenient and beneficial services? We’ve all been to parties where the catering services were out of this world. Unfortunately, we’ve also been to events where the catering company really dropped the ball. So, what […]

General Tso's
November 18, 2015 IN Food
Who is General Tso?

If you order General Tso’s Chicken from on a regular basis, you may find yourself wondering, “So, who is this General Tso guy anyway?” The team at foomanchew was wondering the same thing, so we did a bit of research. A Man With a Love For Chicken? Sorry, Wrong Answer. According to various sources, […]

Bitetime | Atlanta
October 3, 2015 IN Media
Foomanchew Celebrates Atlanta Grand Opening

Foomanchew, a trusted brand and digital commerce platform for Chinese food delivery and takeout, is celebrating their Atlanta grand opening with over $2,500 in amazing prizes. There are 110 chances to win $20 worth of Chinese food from only the best restaurants in Atlanta. No purchase necessary. The sweepstakes is available now through October 4, […]