Components of Top-Notch Catering Service

February 16, 2016 IN Food

Catering is an easy way to take your event from so-so to outstanding. So why are people hesitant to use these convenient and beneficial services?

We’ve all been to parties where the catering services were out of this world. Unfortunately, we’ve also been to events where the catering company really dropped the ball. So, what is the distinct difference between a great catering service and a less than appetizing catering service?


Catering companies provide professionally crafted cuisine for events of all kinds. Whether it’s a family party for a milestone birthday or a corporate meeting, catering services take the weight off of the host’s shoulders by taking care of the serving, cooking and more. But what if the catering company doesn’t show up, is far too late, or forgets part of an order? That’s certainly unacceptable. A great catering service must be 100% reliable. The host of a party should not have to worry about if the food will arrive, if it will be edible and if there will be enough – that should be the responsibility of a reliable catering service.

Customer Service

We’ve all heard the catering horror stories. “The company forgot to complete part of my order but still charged me for the meal.” Or perhaps, “The catering employees were very rude to my party guests!” Stories like these steer event coordinators away from catering options. Thankfully, there are also positive stories as well!

No matter the case, it is unacceptable to have poor customer service as a catering company. In order to avoid disappointing customer service, Foomanchew decided to employ an algorithm that exclusively selects only the top restaurants for catering opportunities. Perhaps other restaurants and food service establishments should do the same! Pleasant customer service is the key to a successful catering service, regardless of the type of cuisine.


This is the most crucial and also most obvious component of a fantastic catering service. If your catering company does their job correctly, they should leave you either stuffed or wanting more of their delicious selections! From the appetizer to the dessert, each plate should have it’s own unique taste, texture and elegance.

If you are hosting an event, whether for your family, business, or charity event, the spectacular and highly professional catering services from Foomanchew will leave you with a smile on your face. Be sure to check out the Foomanchew catering options in your area.

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